But, Really…What is Alt Space?

Alt Space is a culture project in just and sustainable living by Lead Artist Reg Flowers, following his purchase of a stone house built in 1897.  The project brings together neighbors, grassroots organizations and allies in the social justice community, providing an incubator space to develop sustainable independent community-controlled resources. The project promotes re-imagining how these resources can be shared to achieve fair access to power and the ways power is produced and reproduced.

Reg purchased the house for $800. It was badly fire-damaged and most people advised me to do a gut renovation, tear everything out and start from scratch. Every stick, every stone, every hand plastered wall to Reg told a story worth preserving. He spent 3 years with tsp-soaked rags, scrappers, environmentally safe paint remover, hand-mixed plaster, vinegar and newspaper.

Alt Space is a hub for social justice seeking to re-imagine how resources can be shared and how to achieve fair access to power and the ways power is produced and reproduced. The project centers around three areas.

  • how we can take ownership of our food systems
  • how we interact with the environment
  • how we develop as a community

Some guiding principles of the space are solidarity (which is the basis for the gifting model employed in our interactions with the public),  non-violence,  acknowledgement of historical and present day systems of violence and oppression that are our dominant cultural mode, and good stewardship which accepts the idea that we don’t own the world, we are temporary and while we are here we owe to those who come after us to care deeply.

Veganism has become a crucial part of the Alt Space model because it is likely the single most effective way humans have to positively impact their own health, protect the environment and protect the lives of other species (ones we eat and ones we don’t). Check out this simple infographic about the impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

As a vegan space the use of all animal products are discouraged. The preparation and storage of animal food products are not allowed inside of the main facility, nor should food service items (plates, cups, utensils, etc.) be used for animal products. In special cases and for community gatherings and potlucks, individuals may bring their own food products that do not adhere to these principles provided they bring their own  cooking and serving supplies.