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Keep Alt Space Operating for Winter 2016

I am filled with trepidation over what winter will be like in the 100 year-old under renovation house that is home to the ever emerging Alt Space project. It is imperative that the house hold up to the cold. I’m certainly concerned about freezing to death or catch pneumonia (no exaggeration), but I also wantContinue Reading

You’ve Made Your Bed Now

My first Detroit year started on July 2, 2016. I spent a day driving armed with a sack of bananas, walnuts. dates, carrots and celery. I also officially kicked off a raw summer in which I’ll be eating livings foods, while avoiding anything cooked passed 114 degrees. Leaving New York marked a departure from oneContinue Reading

But, Really…What is Alt Space?

Alt Space is a culture project in just and sustainable living by Lead Artist Reg Flowers, following his purchase of a stone house built in 1897.  The project brings together neighbors, grassroots organizations and allies in the social justice community, providing an incubator space to develop sustainable independent community-controlled resources. The project promotes re-imagining how these resources canContinue Reading

Support the Alt Space GoFundMe Campaign

I’m thrilled to be launching a GoFundMe campaign for the final phase of development for Alt Space Detroit, a community incubator space seeking to develop sustainable independent, grassroots and community-driven projects that bring social and economic viability to Detroit’s lower east-side. Already Alt Space Detroit has become host to several community development projects including GrapeSeedDetroit aContinue Reading

Planting a Vinyard

  Support the Alt Space GoFundMe campaign. alt space which is a community incubator space developing sustainable independent, grassroots and community-driven projects that bring social and economic viability to the Island View community. This center for alternative work, play and lodging is now the largest vineyard in the City of Detroit since prohibition. If you’d like toContinue Reading

Clean Slate for the New Year

What better way to spend a New Year’s Eve than scrubbing away at hardwood floors in a hundred plus year old stone house in Detroit? I had high hopes for getting more painting and plastering done but yesterday I hit a wall (somewhat literally) and couldn’t do anymore of that kind of work.

A Reason to Re-Joist!

When last we met, we were embarking on a new phase of work at alt space with Virtuoso Design + Build creating some amazing conceptual designs for the space. Despite the record low temperatures we experienced in Detroit and across the country, Mark Klimkowski and his team worked hard to address structural issues resulting fromContinue Reading