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But, Really…What is Alt Space?

Alt Space is a culture project in just and sustainable living by Lead Artist Reg Flowers, following his purchase of a stone house built in 1897.  The project brings together neighbors, grassroots organizations and allies in the social justice community, providing an incubator space to develop sustainable independent community-controlled resources. The project promotes re-imagining how these resources canContinue Reading

Why Veganism Ⓥ = Sustainability at Alt Space

  Support the Alt Space GoFundMe campaign. In September of 2014 close to 400,000 people from all over the world and from all walks of life gathered in New York City for the People’s Climate March to call attention to the urgent need for immediate action on the climate crisis. It was the largest climateContinue Reading

Knowing Grace: The Revolutionary Grace Lee Boggs

  Support the Alt Space GoFundMe campaign. I was at the diner counter. My friend Tina worked the bar. Slow, she read while I explored a bowl of lentil soup or the Vietnamese salad or one of the three dishes I’ll eat from the menu. From the blue she sighed as one might for leavingContinue Reading

Wabi-Sabi: Bringing Simplicity Back

Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy that embraces the notion of impermanence and imperfection. This aesthetic serves as the foundation of Japanese culture, although I had never heard the term before a month ago.