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22nd International Pedagogy & Theater of the Oppressed Conference Meets Detroit

I was first introduced to Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed in 2005 when I was deeply immersed in a career in the not-for-profit theater world. Shortly thereafter I was introduced to Theater of the Oppressed as a practice. The combination of these two events has led to a profound change in the way IContinue Reading

But, Really…What is Alt Space?

Alt Space is a culture project in just and sustainable living by Lead Artist Reg Flowers, following his purchase of a stone house built in 1897.  The project brings together neighbors, grassroots organizations and allies in the social justice community, providing an incubator space to develop sustainable independent community-controlled resources. The project promotes re-imagining how these resources canContinue Reading

Vegan Soul Makes Cruelty-Free An East-Side Option

Support our GoFundMe Campaign It was serendipity that the nearest restaurant to Alt Space would be vegan. Detroit Vegan Soul is at 8029 Agnes St. in Detroit, MI. You can find your favorite comfort foods and enjoy them with the confidence that the ingredients are fresh, mostly organic, and completely plant-based. They have several soy freeContinue Reading

Support the Alt Space GoFundMe Campaign

I’m thrilled to be launching a GoFundMe campaign for the final phase of development for Alt Space Detroit, a community incubator space seeking to develop sustainable independent, grassroots and community-driven projects that bring social and economic viability to Detroit’s lower east-side. Already Alt Space Detroit has become host to several community development projects including GrapeSeedDetroit aContinue Reading

Parker Street Market Brings “Drought” to an East Side Oasis

  Support the Alt Space GoFundMe campaign. I travel all the way to Detroit to find myself surrounded by folks from Brooklyn. I can’t complain when they are adding so much to the eastside community where alt space is located. Just a few blocks from our place on Field Street near Kercheval, former Brooklyn residentContinue Reading

Planting a Vinyard

  Support the Alt Space GoFundMe campaign. alt space which is a community incubator space developing sustainable independent, grassroots and community-driven projects that bring social and economic viability to the Island View community. This center for alternative work, play and lodging is now the largest vineyard in the City of Detroit since prohibition. If you’d like toContinue Reading

Detroit Summer 2014 – Blossoming

The alt space experiment moves into a second summer with a continued collective approach to developing the space. Areas most damaged by the 2010 fire have undergone some major demolition and are currently being refurbished by returning collaborators at Virtuoso Design + Build ( VD+B lead designer Mark Klimkowski created conceptual drawings that used toContinue Reading

Two Conferences in Detroit – Part Two

We were gathered in Cass Corridor Commons, a space that has been donated to the social justice community for public gathering. We were reminded during opening comments by Charity Hicks of East Michigan Environmental Action Council and Kim Sherobi of Birwood Block Club that public gathering spaces are in danger.

Two Conferences in Detroit – Part One

In Detroit for the Allied Media Conference and Detroit 2013: Making a Way Out of No Way. I spent the first two days working my tail off with Matt to whip the house into some semblance of order.

Five Day Fundraiser to Raise $1500 for Alt Space This summer, from Monday, June 17 through Sunday, June 30, I will collaborate with members of the Detroit social justice community to establish an institute for social transformation.