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Photo Update – Washed Pine

I was stingy with the reconstruction photos during my last trip so I’m posting just a few here. In short: some wiring, plumbing and the installation of a pine wall. Those of you who have been following the saga of the Field Street house should enjoy these. More coming.

Digging the Archaeology on Field Street

We got into another room of the Field Street house in preparation for the New Work / New Culture Conference in Detroit, MI from October 18 – 20, 2014. The room was coated in the same black soot as every other space in the house, however two years after starting this work, thought of takingContinue Reading

Field Street Photo Update – July 2014

A lot has happened at the Field Street house since the purchase back in 2012. Anyone who’s been following closely knows that the rear of the house was badly damaged in a fire sometime between 2009 and 2011. Much of that damage has been repaired and so I’m posting photos to show the progress toContinue Reading

Flashback on Field Street House

Working on the house in these fits and starts, it’s easy to lose track of the progress. If you’re following along occasionally or just tuning in to the blog for the first time then you may not be able to grasp the extent of the work that’s been done since the first time we walkedContinue Reading

Late August Cleaning

Following and Indigogo capaign that raised $1500 to cover some of the renovation expenses the house reached a lovely state where much of the exposed plaster proved to be in pretty good shape. The photos show the progress.

The Neighbors Called

I got these photos from my friend Steve Wereley who played a role in acquiring the space. Apparently some neighbors have been working together to keep all of the yards on the street in good condition. This is the work they did around the Field Street house.