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You’ve Made Your Bed Now

My first Detroit year started on July 2, 2016. I spent a day driving armed with a sack of bananas, walnuts. dates, carrots and celery. I also officially kicked off a raw summer in which I’ll be eating livings foods, while avoiding anything cooked passed 114 degrees. Leaving New York marked a departure from oneContinue Reading

Why Veganism Ⓥ = Sustainability at Alt Space

  Support the Alt Space GoFundMe campaign. In September of 2014 close to 400,000 people from all over the world and from all walks of life gathered in New York City for the People’s Climate March to call attention to the urgent need for immediate action on the climate crisis. It was the largest climateContinue Reading

We All Haul

We got word about six months back that our landlord was selling the building we’ve lived in for the past ten years. It was a blow but not surprising. A small two-story house in the middle of our block sold for $1.2 million a few years ago. This is a neighborhood of long-time residents—some bornContinue Reading

Clean Slate for the New Year

What better way to spend a New Year’s Eve than scrubbing away at hardwood floors in a hundred plus year old stone house in Detroit? I had high hopes for getting more painting and plastering done but yesterday I hit a wall (somewhat literally) and couldn’t do anymore of that kind of work.

Remembering George B.—Year End 2014

I started drawing (again) recently. I haven’t really picked up a pencil to create something since I was an undergraduate at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. My favorite drawing I’ve done is that of a horse. It took me hours and it was frustrating.

Holidays in the D! My Baby & Me!

Oh the weather out side is frightful But the Kerosene’s delightful… Okay, a bit corny, but I it’s the holidays and I’m back in Detroit and it’s cold out. Our mission: Insulate. We’re working with rolls of insulation and filling every gap we can find and then adding vapor barriers. We’re on a mission toContinue Reading

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

Dinner time for me at alt space is generally a simple affair — half a water melon, a bunch of bananas or whatever meal can be hobbled together from the fruits and nuts I keep on hand. I decided to invest in a few appliances to help bring some variety to the menu on FieldContinue Reading

Wabi-Sabi: Bringing Simplicity Back

Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy that embraces the notion of impermanence and imperfection. This aesthetic serves as the foundation of Japanese culture, although I had never heard the term before a month ago.

A Weekend to Re-Memorial

My latest trip to Detroit, over Memorial Day weekend 2013, brought me in close contact with a handful of the residents who live on Field Street as well as a few organizations, or individuals organizing, on that narrow oasis on the east side of the city.

Detroit Beautiful

I returned from my second week-long trip to Detroit with a much clearer picture of how I might fit in to this community on the east side of the city. After spending several nights in the house and days of work and exploring the neighborhood, what was once a daunting undertaking seems is truly taking shapeContinue Reading