Getting Involved

Make a non-tax deductible contribution or gift payment to Alt Space

Alt Space operates on a gifting model for individuals and your contribution can subsidize the participation of others. Institutions can also make pre-arranged payments here.

Proposing a project for incubation or a collaboration with Alt Space

Lead Artist Reg Flowers would love to hear your ideas that fit within the scope of the project. Before sending your inquiry, please review this proposed rubric to ensure your project meets the basic criteria.

Become a project volunteer

The simplest way to get involved with Alt Space is as a volunteer. To become an Alt Space Volunteer you’ll need to

  • be 18 years old or have signed permission by a legal guardian
  • know what you’d like to do (see Volunteer Categories below)
  • let us know your time-frame (can’t guarantee to accommodate your schedule—flexibility a plus)
  • sign a liability waiver

Volunteer categories

  • Construction (includes making, fixing, decorating, cleaning)
  • Incubation (developing your own project or working with someone else’s)
  • Beta-testing (see Beta-testing and gifting below)
  • Administration (organizing, outreach, fundraising, paperwork)

Volunteers participate in governing the space through co-developing house agreements and abiding by them. The owner may post or otherwise deliver ground rules that should also be respected.

Beta-testing and gifting

Alt Space projects explore ways we can live, work and play in more sustainable ways. We allow volunteers to come and test these theories by participating in programs like alternative lodging, venue sharing, performances and workshops. As these projects are often mutually beneficial we ask participants to consider “paying it forward” through giving. In this way the participant can ensure the program continues and that someone else will get the same experience or perhaps even improved.

Vegan principles

Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. As a vegan space the use of all animal products are discouraged.

The consumption, preparation and storage of animal food products are not allowed inside of the main facility, nor should food service items (plates, cups, utensils, etc.) be used for animal products. In special cases and for community gatherings and potlucks, individuals may bring their own food products that do not adhere to these principles provided they bring their own  cooking and serving supplies.

To help get you started thinking about what you can eat and maintain vegan principles here are some Web resources you can check out:

Don’t be limited! A brief search will yield hundreds of vegan recipe sites!