Keep Alt Space Operating for Winter 2016

I am filled with trepidation over what winter will be like in the 100 year-old under renovation house that is home to the ever emerging Alt Space project. It is imperative that the house hold up to the cold. I’m certainly concerned about freezing to death or catch pneumonia (no exaggeration), but I also want to keep the space open and available for community use through the winter months as well. I’ve been working with my friend, apprentice and fellow theater artist, Ethan, who’s been a consistent support since July. With labor in place we still need material resources and other support. To this aim, I’m running a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise $4200 which will allow the house to be winterized, mitigate flooding, cover a portion of utilities and taxes.

The $4200 will help cover costs to make it through the Detroit winter, including a) weatherization of the entire house so it can efficiently and sustainably be used through the winter for community gatherings and as solidarity housing; b) flood mitigation to address Detroit’s failing sewer infrastructure; c) the utility bills to keep the house warm and run system when the house is being put to community use and finally; d) cover a portion of the property taxes for the vineyard project GrapeSeedDetroit that is hosted by Alt Space at no charge.

The goal is to raise these funds by Halloween (October 31, 2016). It’s already starting to get cold, so time is of the essence. I’ll be administering the funds personally and will include updates on how funds are being spent as the work proceeds.

Funds will be used as follows (figures are rounded):

Weatherization: $ 600
Flood Mitigation: $1200
Taxes: $600
Utilities: $1500
GoFundMe Fees & Misc.: $300
TOTAL: $4200

Visit the Winter is Coming to Alt Space GoFundMe!