Support the Alt Space GoFundMe Campaign

I’m thrilled to be launching a GoFundMe campaign for the final phase of development for Alt Space Detroit, a community incubator space seeking to develop sustainable independent, grassroots and community-driven projects that bring social and economic viability to Detroit’s lower east-side.

Already Alt Space Detroit has become host to several community development projects including GrapeSeedDetroit a multi-stakeholder cooperative built on Detroit’s history of grape-growing. Collaborative partners in this and other projects have included Feedom Freedom Growers, The Boggs Center for Nurturing Community Leadership, The Field Street New Work Collective and a number of neighborhood block associations.

In full operation Alt Space Detroit will support community organizations and individuals in the social justice movement providing safe and affordable lodging, work space and community gathering space in a progressive setting built on principles of sustainability and non-violence.

What’s this Campaign About?
After 3 years the project is moving into it’s final phase: The roof.  The houses size, age, unique Châteauesque design, complicated roof assembly and the steep pitch (angle) all contribute to the amount of work and risk involved bringing the cost of this project to $20,000.

Why now?
This spring the house has been selected to host participants for the North American Social Solidarity Economy Forum and later in the summer will host students from several State University of New York schools who will collaborate with Alt Space and the Ghana Think Tank on a community-driven construction project.