You’ve Made Your Bed Now

My first Detroit year started on July 2, 2016. I spent a day driving armed with a sack of bananas, walnuts. dates, carrots and celery. I also officially kicked off a raw summer in which I’ll be eating livings foods, while avoiding anything cooked passed 114 degrees. Leaving New York marked a departure from one way of living, piloting a documentary of my journey into sustainability. I’m a bit intimidated by my new Detroit life. I’m planning to be forgiving of myself, but I know myself and failure is a drag, even if it teaches a lesson.

Chris drove the rental truck with our belongings. I drove the Element with a few delicate items (my camera and tripod, my lighting kit, and stemmed glasses included). Jack did not get to come along on this one. One of my viewers was baiting me–asking me to denounce another YouTuber. I was writing the script to my next video which would talk about it. I made a video homage to Just Glowing Me. I ended up getting lost around Akron, which is not even en route. It was evening when I finally got to the house and Chris, driving a small apartment, had beaten me by nearly an hour.

There was water but no electricity. That was unexpected, so I started making calls to Kurt and Doc while Chris unloaded. (Ugh!) Turned out the power company had shut me off which was suspicious, so I called DTE while Chris unloaded more stuff. (Double Ugh!) Seemed pretty bleak and I was pretty impatient with customer service, even though she was very salty with me considering this would end up being a failure on their end. Long story short, a technical error in which their online payment system, which is superb at collecting funds, does not communicate payment received to the billing department. Lights were restored in less than an hour. We finished unloading and headed for dinner. Detroit Vegan Soul was closed so we went to the place that is not vegan, but managed decent meals. Right after dinner we returned to Alt Space to prepare for bed.

In the attic, where I’d stored my personal things, we discovered a dismal by-product of the roof repairs. 100 years of dust plus soot from the fire, and sawdust from the roofers, coated every container. The worst was that my bed was under a tarp, which I didn’t want to risk moving to avoid getting dust in the mattress.  We cleaned to uncover one smaller mattress and a clean set of sheets. We also had a slim rolling futon that I’d brought from Brooklyn.

We melted to bed.

In the week since leaving Brooklyn, I’ve barely been at Alt Space. We went to the lake to spend time with relatives. I did have volunteers for three days before leaving for Buffalo for a conference. I spent the last day cleaning one item at a time. The attic is becoming something. Certainly a great sleeping area when there’s a fan going. I think my photographer friends will love using it for shoots and such.  I’m loving the unfinished floor. A few days of scrubbing and the majesty of the wood is revealed.

The bed is still in the attic.